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Sword of Orion: 22.5 hours with a DSLR and CCD

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Well, its is the end of the line for this one (until next year). I managed to grab the missing Ha panel last night, though the sky was a bit soupy so that particular corner picked up a bit of noise, s

Thanks Fordos However, Ive been working on a little update which has pushed it more towards the classical colour most would expect. The trouble with pushing the blue channed on the DSLR is that I see

Thanks Lewis I can assure you i havent been hogging any clear sky! Since the start of the year ive only had two or three sessions where i can say i got clean(ish) data. The past couple of days, altho

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Really great stuff and that's what you have to do, work at it. The tweak towards blue has balanced it for me. Bravo. Quickies are quickies. This isn't a quickie.


Thanks Olly :)

Thats exactly what ive learnt this week. Something like this cant be just stacked and thrown together quickly thinking that because its DLSR colour, it will be already balanced.... I was so wrong! The lessons learnt from this one are something I can carry forward and expand on. I'll probably have the data set with me at SGL8, so if anyone wants to poke around with it threy're quite welcome to (just in case its cloudy.... but it wont be.. I hope!).

Hang on....thats a bit of a brainwave. If it does turn out to be a bit cloudy, maybe there should be a processing challenge or data sharing session.... assuming we're not all wearing the old beer (or cider/wine/vodka) goggles. :D

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Cheers Rik :) I had another play about with the data last night by splitting the DSLR into its separate chanels and treating it like LRGB. Ive managed to improve the colour a bit more and deal more effectievly with those halos that popped up when pushing the blue data by using the magic wand in ps to select the stars affected, then just desaturated that particular shade of blue.



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You've really given this one the treatment Rob, for me the second attempt sorted the colour and gave a tremendous amount of definition to the darker gaseous regions. The third rendition gives a huge amount more detail and you can really see how busy the region is. As Olly says some of the processing really is a question of taste and for me I prefer the second attempt in that some of the brighter detail is swamped by the sheer mass of dust brought out in the third and is much more colourful than the first.

Truly magnificent though - all versions, I think the best Orion I have seen this season.

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Truly magnificent though - all versions, I think the best Orion I have seen this season.

Thanks :) But its nowhere near Ollys rendition.

Hopefully I can carry all this data over to next year and just keep adding to it. A complete CCD luminance layer would be a nice addition, but for a DSLR image (slightly supported by CCD) its exceeded my expectations.

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