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Hello to everyone, I've been reading through various helpful forum posts over the past fews weeks for advice and pointers and finally took the plunge and bought a Skywatcher 200P EQ5 from FLO as my first 'real' telescope. My first night I spent putting it all together and then the following night tried to catch a glimpse a a few stars and may be the Earths close encounter with an astroid, just managed a view of the moon before the sky was completely clouded out!

Anyway patience is a virtue so next night me and my daughters tried again under a lovely clear (but very cold) sky and managed to catch some views of Jupiter (we could make out the strips!)  and its moons as well as some great views of Orions Nebula. My 12 year old was telling me all about it reeling all the facts and figures off, who needs a book when you have a precocious daughter. Anyway a great first night. As someone who enjoys photography I hope to try and take some pictures with my DSLR, although I know I need some more 'bits' to be able to accomplish that. And I thought photography was expensive!

Anyway hello all!

Simon 'Speedymax'

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Hi Simon welcome to SGL, the one thing Astromony will teach you is patience, i have two sons who have shown little interest just yet but i guess standing outside freezing isnt there idea of fun :grin:.

glad you`ve had better luck with your daughters, anyway best of luck with Astrophotography as its a challenge but worth it when you get it right.

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Hello and welcome from me too. My 2 daughters love astronomy and are willing companions - at the moment, like you say, they are too young for boys yet :grin: still, there are plenty of nice boys who like astronomy, so maybe you could just gain another companion?!

My avatar is my youngest at the Transit of Venus last year at 4.30am :grin:

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