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Oops! Wrong one.....

You could change yours to "and more TALs than the wife knows about" or "and a desire for more TALs than the wife knows about" .

Solar modding folk and someone wanting to use binoviewers might want to chop a bit off the tube. But yes, the focal length of the lens stays the same. Someones had a brain-puff and decided doing that

Posted Images

Unless the person has got it direct from the factory in Novosibirsk, I'd say unlikely. They've not been for sale for long AND if he's selling at £75, that's a ginormous loss he's taking.

Possibly a typo in the UKastroB&S listing ??

Sorry for all the bumff I posted previously, didn't realise the ad was on there.

I'd say, odds on a std 100F10 Tal frac?


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will be interesting to see the outcome of this, i spotted the add yesterday, thought it was a typo and should be f10, interestingly there is a TAL 75r on cloudy nights that i really fancied getting but not going through the hassle of buying from the states

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Well I am now the dubious owner of a TAL F/8 scope, and probably the only member of the F/8 club.

Yes I got the scope and its white. Not sure what it is really. The owner told me it was used as a white light solar scope display model at Scope & Skies a few years ago. It apparently had a TAL logo sticker on it, but it has been painted over and a stenciled sticker put over the top. It has a 100mm blue coated objective, and the tube is approx 750mm from the front to the end of the tube, not including the single speed 2"/1.25 focuser. No visible markings except for a warning sticker about solar viewing.

I'll take some pics tomorrow and see if they shed any light. Except for the dodgy painted bit on the tube, it appears to be in good nick.

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Difficult to be sure of the coating under room lights, but it deff seems to have a purplish colour. Here are some pics of the tube and focuser. see what you think. Under the rotten sticker is a bigger round logo/sticker.




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Looks like the rack and pinion focusser from the 100R rather than 100RS. Interesting - the purple coating suggests its the earlier model too. Any evidence that its just been cut down from the f10? Andy's previous posts suggest that there are some specific "solar" versions at f8. Is this one of those?

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