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And another asteroid DA14 - animation ;-)

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Here's my first attempt at an asteroid animation - be gentle!

Taken through some patchy clouds with an Atik 460 colour camera binned 4x4 (so no colour!) on a William Optics 123FLT with a 0.8FR. Each sub was 1 second and the animation is at 5 times actual speed. This thing was moving quickly!!



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well done John - and Helen absolutely fantastic record really well done.

The clouds just turned up at the wrong time- half an hour before it transversed the Plough but I did get enough of a break to see it - the accuracy of the map I had and Timing were amazing - 21.37 through Ursa Major and just trained the scope where I expected it to be, stared just long enough in hope rather than expectation and there it was.

Did anyone notice the meteor that flashed across the sky some 10 minutes prior to this event heading East to West ?

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Thankls guys :-)

This is my first youtube upload.... can anyone tell me how to set it up so that instead of a frame full of noise as the static picture I get something else?



You should be able to go back into the video manager after the video is processed and select another thumbnail for the video
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