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Asteroid viewing

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Tried with the binos too as it passed Canes Venatici, but couldn't see it.

Set up my Skywatcher 200P and pointed it at a little triangle of stars it was due to pass through as it went through the Plough, and there it was right on time :smiley:

It moved pretty quickly and after 15 minutes it was getting faint and pretty hard to follow.

Must have been just beyond the grasp of my bins... or my eyes! Good effort though, must have been great to catch it. :smiley:

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Peak brightness occurs a little before 8pm at around magnitude 7.7 so firmly in binocular territory. By 9pm it will have dimmed to around 8.7. By midnight that will have dropped to +11 and be firmly

Thick cloud here..... but the Met office says its clear. Do they ever look out the window at the Met office?

Whilst we're all out there looking for DA14 remember what happened in The Day of The Triffids ;-)

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To those who saw it ... :tongue: I'm dead jealous. Sat looking for ages, freezing my socks off. Clouds thinned away. Blasted smokey atmosphere tho made my eyes water - so poor round here I think they are burning the furniture! Then it dawned on me what I could see wa barely mag 7.5 ... so gave up. Would have set up the 8" Dob but not got enough room on that balcony without leaving the door wide open and half telescope indoors!

Seriously tho - well done those who saw - lucky you indeed!

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Must have been just beyond the grasp of my bins... or my eyes! Good effort though, must have been great to catch it. :smiley:

It was. Made a nice change that the sky cleared just in time to catch it. Shame so many of you seem to have missed it :embarassed:

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Mars close approach........cloudy

Halleys Comet............cloudy

Hale Bopp...........cloudy

Total Eclipse..........cloudy

This meteorite.........cloudy

Why am I not surpised :(

Pint of beer down the local to commiserate missing it........... cloudy


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Got him! Clearish skies here in Cornwall. Managed to capture it with my Canon 450D with 70 mm zoom pointed at Alioth and Megrez in Ursa Major. The camera was set up on my eq5 mount taking 30s exposures at 1600 ISO every 2 minutes or so. It looks like a very very faint streak in the photographs. At the same time as taking the pics I was looking for it through binoculars but couldn't see it at all. It'll be interesting to see if anyone saw this asteroid through binoculars. There's not much point in my posting the pics because the asteroid is so faint.

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