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Asteroid viewing

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Peak brightness occurs a little before 8pm at around magnitude 7.7 so firmly in binocular territory. By 9pm it will have dimmed to around 8.7. By midnight that will have dropped to +11 and be firmly

Thick cloud here..... but the Met office says its clear. Do they ever look out the window at the Met office?

Whilst we're all out there looking for DA14 remember what happened in The Day of The Triffids ;-)

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It has been so clouded in Manchester that I forgot how much LP there is. I missed the asteroid because of LP. My limiting magnitude with my 8x42mm binos was 7.0+/- 0.5 @ 30º.

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I swear if next door's security light goes off 1 more time I'm going to shoot it with the pellet gun, It's mucking up my vision and hence mucking up my chances at viewing this asteroid :(

OMG I had same issue ,only where I would of seen it best was right over the kno@@ers house lol, so I gave up and came in . Too cloudy anyway now. on a plus got a great view of moon ha ha
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Super forecast, we even had the gritting lorry round.

Then came rain. 100% cloud cover.

I appreciate that forecasting must be the most difficult thing to get right, but c'mon.


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really losing faith in the BBC, wall to wall outside still - this says it was updated an hour ago...

it really is pretty poor, i am around 8 miles from you, not seen hardly a star all night! packed up now might get up early and have a look at Saturn, yea like it's going to be clear.to think we suspended weather reports during WW2 so we did not help the Germans :grin:

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I agree, just spent an hour at dark(ish) site and only saw the Moon for 3.5 seconds,

I'm gonna take up cloud watching........that'll guarantee clear skies :crybaby2:

I've joined the Cloud Appreciation Society in an effort to lessen the ache from all this weather. Everytime I look out it is to a steadily thickening sheet of cloud stretching to the Eastern horizon. A friend in Leeds has just texted to say he's got crystal clear skies. Argh. lol

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stayed out from 20.30 to 21.45. mostly cloudy with tiny breaks, could just about make out one or two stars in the plough at times, but the rest was just waiting for the gaps, had my print outs ready and kept whipping them out as soon as a few stars poked out. in frustration i ended up just randomly panning around the general area in the nano second gaps hoping i might accidentally land on it. oh well, same time same place in 40 years? isn't that when its coming back? lol

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Well done! What were you using? I tried really hard with my bins, but didn't see it.

Tried with the binos too as it passed Canes Venatici, but couldn't see it.

Set up my Skywatcher 200P and pointed it at a little triangle of stars it was due to pass through as it went through the Plough, and there it was right on time :smiley:

It moved pretty quickly and after 15 minutes it was getting faint and pretty hard to follow.

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