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Asteroid viewing

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Peak brightness occurs a little before 8pm at around magnitude 7.7 so firmly in binocular territory. By 9pm it will have dimmed to around 8.7. By midnight that will have dropped to +11 and be firmly

Thick cloud here..... but the Met office says its clear. Do they ever look out the window at the Met office?

Whilst we're all out there looking for DA14 remember what happened in The Day of The Triffids ;-)

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Weirdly, I'm getting a chart from cartes du ciel that plots DA14 at a slightly different position than all other charts. For example, Heavens Above puts DA14 going past Ursa Major at my position at 2130, but cartes du ciel at 1930! That's quite a discrepancy!

What's going on?

Parallax maybe?

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Setup outside right now. Sky was clear in the East when I was setting up and cloud has moved in the last 5 minutes typical! I'm trying to locate Comae Berenices to help find the asteroid but I can't see it. Going to stay out the rest of the evening hoping I can catch a glimpse.

Hoping anyone can offer any tips. I'm using my Celestron binoculars and am still a novice.


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Very cloudy in Oxfordshire, not surprised :(

Gutted !

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Same in Nottingham. I thought it was clearing but wall to wall cloud now. So disappointed, I was so much looking forward to this!! Typical....

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Can anyone suggest any other good objects to view tonight with a binocular. Might have to make the best of it while I'm out observing. First time this year in fact!

Orion nebula, leo trio is a challenge, andromeda, double cluster, pleades, beehive cluster... lots of nice bin targets for a few months

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Time to pack the gear away I think.

The Sky at Night magazine monthly "Sky Guide" really is wasted on UK readers. Yes another astronomical event clouded out.

I agree, just spent an hour at dark(ish) site and only saw the Moon for 3.5 seconds,

I'm gonna take up cloud watching........that'll guarantee clear skies :crybaby2:

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