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Dew/light shield material?


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Hi, I've previously made a dew shield for my telrad out of 2mm craft foam and works very well, & now want to make a dew/light shield for my 150p mainly to keep stray light out from street lamps & floodlights.

I've searched & read numerous posts and thought I'd found the ideal solution, a tesco yoga mat. First visit they were out of stock, tonight they were in stock but only had pink or turquoise! I also didn't like the pimpled surface either.

So, I need a plan B, what material on fleabay should I be getting ie type of foam? (I've seen neoprene suggested, but being a scuba diver I don't rate this for holding its shape) Any suggestions welcome,


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I used the same thin neoprene sheet to make a shield for my Skywatcher 300, I just used two layers stuck together with spray adhesive. However, when I stuck the two pieces together I wrapped the first one round the tube so that the finished sandwich has a natural curl to it which matches the tube.

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