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Hello from Wolves

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Hello all. After many years of looking at telescopes and dreaming of eventually getting one, I finally bit the bullet and after lots of research ordered a Skywatcher explorer 130p on saturday. Only right at the same time to join the forum and start reading in anticipation of my pending delivery. Well have just got home from a hard days graft to be met at the door by my wife and a very large box.

Heres looking forward to the next few hours. All I want now is a clear sky at night.

Looking forward very much to fulfilling a long outstanding dream.

Thanks for having me and look forward to taking part in many discussions.

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Welcome to SGL, and to amateur astronomy! That's a nice little scope you have bought. If you haven't done already, I would recommend downloading "Stellarium" this is a free programme which will show and help you locate many objects in the night sky.


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Hi Lodge welcome to SGL, enjoy your new hobby, hope your wifes an undersatanding lady when you leave her alone everytime theres a clear sky.

or the next time she greets you at the door she might have a bag in her hand :grin:.

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Hi and welcome, I have had that feeling a few times and there is nothing better than being greeted by a very large box even more appealing than a greeting from the wife (only joking love) just in case she gets to read this :grin: , I'am sure will enjoy the new scope when the weather allows , so let us know how you get on


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on getting your scope, however as great as the help here often is - we can't do much about the skies I'm afraid but certainly asking question etc will kill some time for when there are clear skies overhead. To help you know where everything is in the night sky, you might want to consider downloading some free planetarium software called Stellarium which you can read about here. Lots of great features and the ability to configure to match your exact viewing location too.

Clear skies soon and enjoy the forum


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