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Mac, Vmware, Canon 1100D nightmare!!, please help

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Hi All

I have a canon 1100D. I had already installed all the software on my Mac, but i thought id try backyardeos on Vmware for the 30 day free trial. I didnt think to install the software on xp via vmware (as id already installed on mac) and plugged the camera in.

I cant get the camera to connect to WInxp at all. I have installed the software now, but I think it may have caused problems plugging in the camera before i installed the software.

A stupid mistake not thinking things through first, and not remembering that the vmware wont have access to the mac software.

Anyone out there able to help me out?

I have searched online but cant find anything that might help and I am just confusing myself more and getting a little stressed out

Any help will be gratefully received, as you may well have guessed :)

Thanks in advance


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Have you allowed the virtual machine to access the USB ports? There is an option to do that in Fusion somewhere....

Hi Kirkster

Thanks for reply

sorry I may have explained wrong. it did detect the camera and asked if wanted to connect to mac or windows. I clicked windows and then it asked i wanted to find drivers, then i realised that I should have installed software first and remembered the red letter note saying DO NOT CONNECT camera before installing software, and got in to a bit of a panic.

Now nothing is happening and eos utility and backyardeos wont detect the camera

I will have a check round vmware to make sure usbs are connected, but i think they are already.


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cant you install the software now, then try plugging into another usb port ?

Hi Knobby

Thanks for interest

I have installed the software (after already plugging in the camera), but i cant get it to detect the camera. The camera is definitely connected to windows, but the software wont pick it up???

I really dont know what else to try. I am at a loss :(

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I had a lot of similar problems when I first installed VMfusion. If you try doing a restore on windows, going back to before you tried the camera, then reinstall the Canon software, and finally plug in the camera. then it should work. Otherwise you could uninstall vmware and then download and re-install it. None of your windows files will remain (they are all in a mac file called "Windows XP Home Edition.vmwarevm" (or Pro if you have that). I find that I can run Canon software equally well on windows as mac, but probably like yourself, I need the free windows based software.


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Hi M00NMonkey,

Strickly speaking it shouldn't really matter that you plugged your camera in 1st before installing the software. Assuming you're plugging your camera in via a USB\Firewire port then XP Plug n Play should have detected the new device and asked for the locations of the driver files. If you then installed the camera software whilst the camera was still plugged in then the driver for the camera should have been installed at this point.

When you say the camera is definetly connected to windows - does it appear under Device Manager? (Right-click My Computer, select Manage, select Device Manager, your camera should appear under Imaging devices category - sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs).



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Thanks all , for the help and replies. I appreciate it.

I dont know what i have done now but vmware is going crazy and slowing my mac to a crawl. I restarted mac and thats ok but Im not touching vmware anymore, its always just given me a headache one way or another. So this last problem was the straw that broke me.

Im off to bootcamp!. will get everything installed this week hopefully, so then I can boot osx or windows as I choose. Won't make my machine run at a snails pace either . I will basically back up a bootable image of my mac as it is now and then do a total reinstall of everything including osx

Sorry to seemingly waste your time, but you did all help, the advice given was followed and I came to this conclusion.

Cheers and clear skies


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Don't forget to print all the boot camp install info out before you start :D

Full bootable mac backup done and tested! I should be safe from any muck ups now!! **he says nervously

Please await bootcamp help thread due to be posted Friday! haha

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I always find it amazing how easy it is to back up an entire Mac to a remove able USB drive... And then boot from it !


It did take 6 hours (500gb-ish) but all by the click of a few buttons using super duper. Then by using the all singing, all dancing :hello2: :hello2: OPTION :headbang: :headbang: key I just boot up via the external hard disk and using SD I can copy image back across, if anything goes wrong :rolleyes:

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OK, after getting bootcamp up and running installing all the software and then SPILLING A PINT OF WATER on my Mac!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I managed to take it apart and put it in a dehydrator, I use for some chilli things, for 4 hours @ 55C. And now here it is working fine as though nothing has happened!!! AMAZING!!! good old macbook.

No problems now and have dual boot OSX and Windows!!

thanks for the help though


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you were very lucky there :D

Soon as it happened I ripped out the battery and held it upside down, but the noise it made when i did that, combined with the amount of water pouring out of it, I thought it was terminal. But i am using as we speak. :headbang:

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