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2" filter & Revelation Astro ED 2x Barlow

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As i may be looking to purchase an O-III or a UHC filter sometime in the future, I've a question thats been bugging me for a while.

By picking up a 2" filter, would I also be able to use it with 1.25" EP's if I unscrew the lens of my 2x Barlow and replace it with the filter? Do they fit and are they the same thread pitch?

I'd guess I'd be using my 20mm and 32mm EP's with the filters, but they are 1,25 and 2" respectively and I'm not going to buy the same filter in two different sizes.


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Yep, you're spot on.

I've got the same Barlow and can confirm the Barlow lens unscrews and a filter can be screwed on in its place.

You can also screw the Barlow lens directly onto a 2" ep or onto your adaptor to give about 1.5x mag

Nice Barlow for the price...

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Shane makes a good point. The adapter supplied with the Barlow has a sufficiently long nose to allow the Barlow element to screw on but a filter would be fowled.

Personally I just screw the filter into the bottom of the Barlow tube but I've been kicking around with the idea of getting a fine tuning ring too.

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I don't appear to have a separate 1.25" - 2" adapter with my scope, apart from the one in the Barlow. With the Barlow's barrel removed, a few of my 1.25 EP's appear to protrude past where the filter would sit. So to save faffing about in the dark, I guess I'll be leave the barrel on and unscrew the lens on the end, for convenience.

It's taken me weeks, if not months to find this much out, so thanks for your help, guys! :icon_salut:

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      Both little used, 'as new' condition, selling due to change of camera.
      Price incl. shipment: Ha: £99; CLS: £49
      These are compatible with Canon 5D / 6D, etc, here are the links for details on these filters:

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