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2012 Lunar imaging showcase

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Please use this thread to showcase your best images captured during 2012. Just one post per member but you can include up to 5 images if you want.

The thread is for all imagers novices and advanced. Hopefully we will be able to do the same again next year. Over time we will be able to see the progress which is being made by individuals and as a forum.

Please keep details to a minimum - scope and camera possibly along with a few comments.

The thread needs to be packed with images so please don't respond to the postings

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A couple from me ....

First being a single image taken through the 4SE...


And here's my best one from 2012 ... taken on 25th Dec 2012 with a Samyang 500mm mirror lens - 9 frames stacked...:




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Some of my better efforts from last year ,

All shot with the 1000D and the ED80Pro.

1st December.


5th December.


1st August , "Sky at Night" Hotshot.


Daylight Moon and 'Mare's Tails'


Thin Crescent at Sunset. 22nd May .


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This was my best from 2012

sct 9.25

dmk 21 mono,

astronomics. Ir filter 742 nm,

pier mounted c gem

3 pane mosaic 3000 stacked each pane ,in r5 slight touch in photo shop


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Can't miss the party. All shot with a 450D, 127 Mak and EQ3-2, processed in PIPP and Registax v6. All the images link to larger versions.

First the full Moon of 4th September.


And then a sequence of four from the full Moon of 28th November






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I think this is my best (humble) offering for 2012,

Taken using the A-focal method with vixen 80m f11 and BGO 18mm eyepiece, the camera is my trusty pentax Optio T30 mounted on an A-focal clamp. The image is unprocessed, straight of the camera


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Here's a few I did last year, this one I took 25th February 2012 as it was nice & low in the sky so had a nice colour. I only videoed it the after I found out about Microsoft ICE pieced it together as a single image.


Here's the video;

This one I took another series of pictures as SGL7 then pieced together;


The last one I took August 30th still using my trusty Philips SPC880 then pieced them together with ICE & sharpened it up using PS;


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2 Mozaics of the moon, a first quarter and a last quarter phase from 2012. Both images are made from 16 frames from a DMK21au618 CCD.



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