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I have been using a Phillips SPC900NC to capture images of planets like Jupiter with reasonable success using Wxastrocapture and the settings as suggested in their user manual. Thus in Exposure neither Full auto or Auto exp. are ticked, and under Colours whether instead of Freeze the Outdoor, Auto or FL (what is that?) options might be better?

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    • By PembrokeSteve
      I am at the moment trying to set up "Dithering" on my APT. 
      I am presently using a Canon 600D, with Orion ED80 Refractor, mounted on my NEQ6PRO.
      Please note, I have not yet progressed to Guiding - NO GUIDING
      Do I basically select "APT Dithering" and maybe leave all the other settings at Default?
      Most grateful if anyone can let be know which settings I might need to adjust, and to what values.
      Finding it all a little bit confusing !
      Many Thanks


    • By Caveman
      Hello there, I'm planning to use my Canon eos 450d for deep sky astrophotography attached to a telescope and need to know which settings to use including most importantly the custom function setup, I have searched everywhere on the net to find this info but to no avail. Any help would be very much appreciated.  Kindest regards, Paul.
    • By Dazzyt66
      I guess a year or so ago I bought one of these from Amazon:
      Today (finally) I decided to try it with my ST80 and Sharpcap. Wow! The images I got back from it after removing the lens and adding an old ep barrel were good (on a terrestrial test) with really clear images. Just need a cloud free night now to try it out!
      This camera comes apart by undoing 4 screws and with a slight mod to the silver trim and some glue it was a real easy job. If it returns some good planetary pics I’ll be well impressed for £2.99!!

    • By Jayjaymasterman
      Hi I have set up a webcam for my telescope.
      The problem I have is on my laptop the view is a small circle due to the tunneling effect.
      It' that small it' hard to see on my laptop.
      Is there a way to fix this or is it a case of cropping/zooming once I've taken a image.
      As you can se from my pic I've just aimed at a light in the house and this is how big my pic is on screen 

    • By Adaaam75
      Trying to get my head around imaging with a DSLR and read that a WEBCAM is actually better for planetary targets due to file size and weight therefore, can I hypothetically use a DSLR afocally but on the record video setting and still separate the frames afterwards, edit and stack? Or would they be too large?
      9.25 AVX with Canon 550d Rebel2.
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