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old drives systems retro fitting help?

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Hi i recently picked up an old celestron super c8 pllus , which came with loads of gear including a r.a. drive system, now being american built in the 80-90's the power is 110v i have an inverter which changes 230v or 12vdc to 110v ,

i've set everything up and it all works except the motor that drives the worm oscillation, i changed it as i had a spare and it still doesn't work not sure if the worm gear is seized as it doesn't move that well..

basically my question is , would there be anything out there that i could retro fit to the system , i know i can buy seperate ra drives but would these work on the byers drive thats on the c8.

is there anyone in the uk that fixes these older models or can indeed add an r.a. drive...

or is there any websites in uk or worldwide that sells spare parts for this system even if i have to buy the whole frame unit and replace that..

i was ok with it not working as i had a cracking OTA and a tidy mount for a very reasonable mount, but i'm already thinking that a slow mo r.a. drive would be a good adavntage with AP in the future..

the worm dive can be seen here and it's simply a plug in motor drive that turns the worm shaft and grips the teeth to turn the ra drive..

20130124 205309

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First question is are you sure it is not moving, they move very slowly and can often be mistaken for not working.

Found/read of this site in the US for bits:

Potential spares:

Think they ship to the UK, believe I read of someone getting bits over here.

D Hinds are the importer for Celestron but they seem to prefer to act as importer only and for help prefer you to go via a retailer for spares and repairs.

I half expect there is a pile of bits sat somewhere from returned broken scopes etc.

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Yes it moving but the worm drive isn't and it making a nasty noise going east lol. I think its seized

I have managed to find a company here in the UK that does retro fitting auto track and goto systems his name is Alan and i forget the name of the company. But an email has been sent to him..

I'll have a good look around the American sites when i get to my laptop.

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