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Newbie from Chesterfield


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Found my old (30yrs) Prinz telescope in the loft the other day . Now considered to be a bit of a toy I think. Anyway, I enjoyed using it as a teenager but never managed to see much apart from the moon. My interest has been stirred big time. I'm planning on joining the Chesterfield Astronomical Society who have an observatory with an 18" reflector . Am reading up around the clock and am itching to get going. Have wait until my birthday in March for and upgrade to my telescope - will be posting lots of questions about this.

This site looks very helpful :clouds2:


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Welcome Martin

We love questions - it's the answers we struggle with :clouds2:

Seriously, ask away - we are here to offer friendly advice to help you make the right choice.

We are a friendly bunch of mixed abilities and interests as you will see from the posts and topics. There's lots of useful info in the Newcomers section and Equipment section and plenty of pretty pictures in the Imaging section as well.

Pull up a chair and make yourself at home :clouds2:

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