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As you all know, the great dark spot on neptune is the windiest place known. Voyager recorded wind speeds of over 1000 miles per hour. Things on our own planet that exceed that include:

SR71 Blackbird


and somethin else.....

So while there is nothing natural on earth that is faster than the wind on neptune,

And nothing more volcanic than Io, Or cryogenicallly active than Triton or enceleduas.

Whats the most electrically active body in the solar system? Electrically as in "most thunder strikes" per any given amount of time. Jupiter must win this one but I dunnow for sure coz im thick.

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Small correction
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I would have thought the most electrically active body in our solar system has to be the sun :laugh:


Even if that be true, I meant except that. However, massive solar flares may disturb stuff on earth but I wouldnt call them electricity. What I mean is an arc of white energu as seen in a bolt of lightening or mig welding.

Tonight for example, the whole sky lit up so brightly I could see individual trees about a mile away, but only for 1/4 of a second. The actual bold of electricity was miles away.. I belive there vis a formula for working out the distance of storms based on the number of seconds you here the rumble of thunder after you seen the light flash. Jupiters lightining bolts are incredibly powerful compared to earths apparantly. Such observations can only come from space craft obviously.

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As you all know, the great dark spot on neptune is the windiest place on earth.

No, I didn't know that the great dark spot on Neptune is the windiest place on Earth ?

Would have expected to find it on Neptune.

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I've edited the OP's post, to correct a very simple mistake he made. Much to the amusement of some.

I'm sure Spurius will forgive me, but I don't like members being ridiculed publicly. There is no need for that.

ANYONE can make error.


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The thought that comes to mind to me Ron, when I see small mistakes picked upon for no good reason is...... 'A person in a glass house is very unwise to throw stones'.

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