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Montage for the Society Notice Board ( or how to fill a dull afternoon! )

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I had a tinker with some of my images from across the last year and came up with this for the new notice board. They requested some pictures to fill the notice board, but I couldn't decide what to print out, and this was the result of the confusion!


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At the risk of being strung up in the stocks, any chance of an anotated version or a legend or something :D

I feel sure I should know them all from sight but I can't do it...

Easy ones first: Saturn, M31/M32, Pleiades, Jupiter, Luna, Sun.

Then, I think, Double cluster is the backdrop? And I guess Mars, Venus crescent, M57 ring neb?

But the other 3 galaxies and the glob I don't know, and I'm not sure all of the above is right either ;)

That's a nice collection though, and even more impressive that its all your own work :)

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M81 and M82 lower left. M92 Globular Cluster above. M45 top right with M27 below and M51 Whirlpool to the left, and yes, the Double Cluster as the backdrop.

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