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Hi I am looking at upgrading from my current scope which is a Jessops brand scope bought for me last christmas.

I was wondering what the general views are of a MEADE ETX-90EC UHTC F=1250mm MAKSUTOV-CASSEGRAIN TELESCOPE which I have my eye on.

Would I be able to do astrophotography with it as well as view deep sky and planets.

Your views welcome.



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Reasonable little scope, imaging would be planetary only - not suitable for DSO imaging.

At only 90mm dia a bit limited for DSO observing, really need bigger and you would have to have long focal length eyepieces, just to keep the magnification down and so the brightness up.

It is a goto and if aligned would hopefully locate things for you, needs power to operate and the long focal length means a narrow field of view.

Many will put it down, friend of mine has one and thinks it's great.

Isn't the TA1100-102 bigger and so better suited to viewing DSO's ?

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Thanks for that ronin just watching one on ebay up to 250 at moment.

The eye pieces with the jessops scope are basic ones and it is not a goto so keep having to move it which is annoying me

having to wait for it to settle every time I adjust it when object moves out of site.

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