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What can you do with a 30 second sub?


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Hey everyone, I thought it'd be nice to show people what different scopes and setups can do with a single 30 second sub.

How bout posting a few of your own images?

Rules are:

  • Use any 30 second sub
  • Process as desired
  • Post an uncropped image (so people can see the FOV)

Here's a quick one using my Orion data from the other night and the equipment in my sig.


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What a great idea for a thread.

Here's a small stack of 30s with a Nikon D7000 and the stock zoom at 18mm on a static tripod. It's also been cropped I'm afraid because the Milky Way was falling into some trees. It's full width though.



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Thanks Richie092. The idea really was, if i had a certain setup and took a quick 30 second snap, what'd the result be from that equipment. The idea wasn't to stack loads of 30 second subs, just work with a single one. That way everyone is the same. There's no point comparing an image if one person uses a single sub and another uses 400 stacked.

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Here's a 60s sub I have of M57. This is a raw, mono frame from my 12" F5 newt with a mono 383L+.. 16Mbytes.. so it could take a while to download.


The frame is uncorrected... absolutely raw.

And a compressed version of the above:


Note: the 15th mag galaxy IC1296 is just showing through in the background.

Image scale is 0.74 arc seconds per pixel... my aimed for FWHM is 3 pixels (2 on the diagonal).. I'm not quite there yet.


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Here's an image of M57 - just a processed single 12 second sub taken with a modified webcam and LX200 10" (in 2005)


And here's the (resized) result of a very large stack of these 12 second subs, combined with a stack of 30 second (colour) subs.



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I like the idea of this thread :) Here is another image of "old faithful" taken last night with newly set up Atik 314L+ and SMC Takumar 200mm f4 lens. 30s of Ha single sub stretched in PS but uncropped. And another with more stretching. I'll see what else I can find too :)

post-13131-0-48844300-1358871803_thumb.p post-13131-0-61372600-1358872551_thumb.p

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