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Sorry to harp om about this, but are EQ6 mounts as difficult to set up as they sound? Also do you have to reset things like polar alignment everytime you use the scope. Still undecided about a bigger Dob or go for the EQ mount with Sky scan or Goto

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Any EQ mount will need polar aligning each time you use it, unless it is permanently sited or not moved. If you intend visual observing only, then an EQ mount is arguably not needed, and you'd be better off spending the money instead on more aperture. On the other hand, if you want to start imaging, then you do need a driven EQ mount so the mount can track your target in the sky.

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An EQ6 mount is no more difficult to set up and align than any other apart from its weight when moving it about. As Andy has said, you will need to polar align at the start of each session but the original calibration of the polarscope only has to be done once unless you seriously disturb it.

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Much depends as well on what yo want to look at and what kind of scopes you may own both now and in the future. Trymounting an SCT on a Dob mount or a refractor come to that.

EQ mounts do have a learning curve for sure and its, for some at least, a rocky road.

Gping bak to what you want to look at plantery observing is far less of a headache with a powered mount that tracks.

A decent EQ mount does give you the options for different scopes later on and of course for astro imaging they are a must have. I dont do imaging at all but still have an EQ mount because I use different scopes. If A went the dob route. Would still want tracking and GoTo because I dont fond much thrill in the chase, I prefer to spend my time looking a stuff rather than tryimg to find it. Thats a personal thing but with UK skies the way they are I prefer to have as few wasted nights as possible.

Those are just some factors to take into account.

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