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When I upgrade I might consider a go to system more than likely SkyWatcher's. Can you tell me if I can use the scope manually or does it have to be computer controlled. The reason I ask is I like just scanning the sky manually. If I point roughly in the right direction will the scope then home in on selected target? Thanks fellas.

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You don'thave to use the GoTo part of the system, you can just use the handset to manualy slew the scope to wherever you want, whats good though is that once you have manualy slewed to a target it will auto track it

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The goto will come with a handset which can be used to direct the scope to any target in its database. You don't need to connect to a computer, although this is an option. Some SW mounts come with Syntrek rather than Synscan, which is motorised mount but non-goto. This handset allows you to slew fairly quickly between targets.

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