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Warp 5, Engaged, Captain

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Probably like a lot of you, I thought the streaking stars were kinda hoaky :embarrassed: But this latest research seems a lot more believable :laugh:


So how many of you out there think this is more believable or not :confused:

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Would it not depend on which direction you are looking ie front or behind?

Objects appear to get bigger as you go toward them and appear smaller as they dissapear in the distance when moving away from you, even though in reality their size does not actually change.

Front view (looking towards them) stars appear to be moving trom the centre outwards,

Rear view (looking at them once they have passed by) stars appear to move inwards towards the centre.

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Actually I have to disagree with the students

The idea of a warp drive is to warp spacetime in the viscinity of the spaceship so as to make it travel faster than light on the large scale but slower than light locally, it would see space around it as only a "warp 0.5" or similar.. equally space would view it in the same way, so the 'x-ray' pressure would be that much lower on the spacecraft. Secondly most stars still output substantial energy in the infrared, so we'd still see that 'dopper shifted' to the visible.

Of course this is all conjecture.. what we need to do is conduct an experiment.

Now, where did I put that warp drive kit?


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