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what i was lead to believe from asking a similar question is the extra 2" isn't really worth the cost of the upgrade. Might be worth getting your 8" or a completely different scope on one of the top end eq mounts especially if your keeping the 8" dob could have two split purpose rigs.

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For a scope of that size you would need an EQ6. In truth an up grade from a 8 inch to a 10 inch is not that great. If you really want a meaninful VB up grade I would spend the extra money you would spend on the mount and buy a bigger scope, you need a 12 inch dob.

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The 8" to 10" would collect more light but as the eye response is not linear you do not get the advantage as much as you might expect.

Many say that to notice a difference you need to go up by 50% in diameter, this amount to 225% more area and so more light and this corresponds to the eye seeing a brightness change of one step. Need to go into the detail of change of magnitude to get the right numbers.

Suspect this means that quite a few who go from 8" to 10" can be a little disappointed, they probably do not get the change they may ahve expected, or they need a fair change in diameter and weight.

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