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Hi all,

I'm Matt, I live in Manchester.

I finally got around to buying a telescope after years of looking upwards and hurting my neck.

I bought the SkyWatcher explorer-130p AZ goto.

I've had it three days, but only used it once so far. The first night I needed batteries (they don't tell you that when you buy it) the second night it snowed.

I didn't expect a clear sky this evening, more-over to be able to see objects in the sky whilst living in the city.

Setup of the scope and synscan was fairly straight forward and once I had it aligned, it was a pleasure to use.

Being new to astronomy and using telescopes. I'll probably have tonnes of questions over the next few nights.

There's a few niggles I have still regarding setting up, the manual is terrible for this scope.

Are there any online resources that anyones found invaluable when starting out?

Anyways, Hi



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Hi Matt welcome to SGL, if your going to use the telescope mostly at home you can buy a power supply or for taking it away you might consider a portable power pack.

if you havnt already checked there are a couple of video`s on youtube but not sure how much detail they go into.

anyway questions are welcomed so ask away.

clear skys

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Hi and welcome I have the same set up as you got the ota with the eq2 mount then the wife bought me the az had to wait for a dovetail bar to come then the power lead so still not used it yet you will find everything you need to know on here

Clear skies dean w

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Hi Matt and welcome to the forum. The Astronomy Shed videos on YouTube are pretty good and cover everything from setting up (balancing the scope etc) to collimation, which you'll need to do at some point.

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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