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Show me your LS35tha pics

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How about checking out here


I think it is equally as good as the PST and perhaps the image contrast is brighter and slightly better being at a lower angstrom. However for imaging you need to keep the camera loose as the camera would rotate as you focus. I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed with either.


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I don't have the figures but I suspect there are far more PSTs out there than Lunt 35s. I know the have been making the PSTtier some time, but don't think the Lunt 35 was introduced until 2009. I am sure that won't be correct and somene will set the record straight but I think that is the reason why there are lots of posts from PSTs and very few from Lunt 35s.

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My most sole effort is this one (still needs some processing, I feel)

H-alpha shot January 12, 2013

You could in principle mod an LS35, but it is not nearly as straightforward as with a PST, because of the front-mounted etalon. What you could do is get a plano-concave and plano-convex lens pair (need not be achromats), and insert the negative lens in the optical path between etalon and objective of the donor scope, in such a way that you get parallel beams of light (you turn the donor-scope/negative lens into a Galilean telescope). Behind the etalon, you would need the positive lens to form the real image. For the rest you would need the usual investment in terms of an ERF or the like.

Getting a setup like that collimated is quite a challenge, I would think.

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