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Trying again

The Warthog

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I was out for about an hour and a quarter. After diligently searching, I came up with M37 and M36, but not completely sure about M38. Spent quite a while finding those. Wehn I first got M37 infocus, a high-flying fast airplane streaked across my FOV. Made me jump a bit. Went after M44 next, and got a gorgeous view of it, not far from Saturn. Revisited M42 and bopped around Orion for a few minutes, then looked at M45 for a while. Put my 8mm ep in, and spent a while on Saturn.

My RA drive is deteriorating badly, so i have to shove it around without using the slow motion controls, as in a lot of places the worm doesn't grab the gear. However, I was able to get glimpses of the Cassini division, and could see two moons, one of which I assume was Titan, as it was much brighter than the other, and the two moons were on opposite sides of the planet. I had seen both moons with the 32mm ep I started out with. Also watched Mars for a while, but was unable to make out anything. It is about 13 arcseconds now, so it's just a little mustard seed up there.

It was so cold I had difficulty getting the lower caps off my eps. I wanted to try my 4mm, but that cap just wouldn't budge.

The night stayed pretty clear. There was as much as 20% cover when I first went out, but this went away, leaving only some thin, high-altitude cloud. All in all a good night. The moon was rising as I packed up, but I couldn't stay much longer and get enough sleep to face the long hard day tomorrow. It was pleasant outside. My little dog joined me for about half an hour, then decided she'd had enough, and made me let her inside. I had been afraid lately that she may be constipated, but I found fresh evidence in the snow that she is not. Another veterinary bill avoided.

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sounds like u had a good time out there Wart, and its something i have,nt done in along time , just looking through the eyepiece , i should put more time to this, when we get a long clear spell i shall take time out and whiz around , take in the wonders




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Just try not to imagine what my back yard is like when the snow melts in spring. :tongue1:

I did something I had wanted to try for a while. I had noticed that most of the LPR filters in the catalogs have a green tint to them. So, I wondered if a green filter would help cut LP. I put in my pale green filter, and had a look. Ayyyyrrrrrrrr, it doesn't work! One more bright idea shot down in flames. It did give everything a lovely green tint, though. :clouds2:

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