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Varying results - M33 , M81/82 , M74 , M27 + M31

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Thought i'd test out my new HEQ5 Pro i received Thursday, seeing as the skies been uncharacteristically clear past few nights.

Also gave the Antares f/6.3 FR a spin, not too impressed with results, lot of vignetting and bright circle halo in centre of images that i can't seem to eliminate :D ( M81/82 + M74 )

Last night tried the Baarder Neodym filter, not sure if there really was any visible improvement (M27 + M31 ) :lol:

All images stacked in DSS, DPP in PS CS2.

Anyway, here they are, if someone can try to eliminate the bright halos or explain how to i'd be much obliged :thumbup:

continued in next post...



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Well the images are all fine Cyg. But as you say that halo is a pest. I am sure a knowledgeable fellow will suggest a remedy to you.

The main result is the HEQ5 Is doing a grand job, so the future is bright in that respect.


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Kevin, the M33 is my favourite here - 'ethereal'!

Vignetting is a problem with DSLR vcameras and indeed any camera with a large sensor and this is very tricky to remove after the event. I think the best way of resolving this is to decide on a fixed orientation of the camera and take what is known as a 'flat' which is an image taken at infinity focus at a blank piece of sky after the Sun has set but before the stars come out. This can then be subtracted from your images using DSS and will make a big difference to both the vignetting and the removal of dust motes BUT a flat MUST match the orientation and focus point of the main images. If you have a look on the internet you will almost certainly find ways of producing a flat with a white cloth and 'even' illumination that you take just before the main session.

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