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M42 & M45 (Plus some friends)

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These are all from Thursday night but spent all day today processing them! Was out from 8:30pm until around 5am!! What a night :D

All with 350D & ED80! (I love this scope!)

M45 - iso1600, 10 lights 10 darks


(click to enlarge)

M42 - iso 1600 - 20 lights no darks, binned


(click to enlarge)

And a first attempt at M33 (needs a lot more exposure!)


(click to enlarge)



(click to enlarge)

And laughingly, my first ever go at M1, the smallest object ever!


(click to enlarge)



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The M42 has taken the longest to process, I had 3 lots of data, all with different settings I'd been playing with on the camera and then I wanted to try different stacking/processing techniques...

You can see the other results here: http://stargazrs.com/stargazrs/action/photos/ I think the one I posted is the best though.

My biggest battle I think is drawing out the detail and getting rid of light pollution without also pulling out to much noise. I wonder if that's the biggest downside of a DSLR? The noise.

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They are all wonderful images Grant. Even little Tiny Tim M1 may be small, but still beautiful.

If I was pressed for two, it would be M45 and M42, but not fair on the rest, as they all shine.

You had a great night, and that's always something to be thankful for in 2007.

Ron. :D

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Thanks everyone! :D

I'm itching to get out tonight - just having some modifications to my warm room done to make life a little easier - an internal door to the observatory rather than having to walk all the way around and through two doors... Also worked out from the trials I did with these images some settings I want to use so I want to revisit M45 and M42 with more subs, dark frames and bias too...

Fingers crossed the clouds stay away!

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