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was it orion nebula i just saw?

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Evening fellow space peeps

I had my first go at trying to find the orion nebula through my skywatcher 150p.

After about 20 mins I managed to find something which looked like 3 stars close together in a triangle covered by what looked like a finger print mark or smudge. Also within the eye piece i saw 3 stars in a near straight line, right next to it.

Was it the orion nebula or just a random assortment of stars?

Many thanks

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by the description it does sound that you have found the orion nebula.congrats ;)

if you have a PC or even better a Laptop,get a free program called:Stellarium.this will help you a lot in your searches.you can customize it to your location what makes your searches even easier.

Good hunting and clear skies mate.

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I also had this same experience last night. Could see Orion and managed to find the bottom of the sword. I was totally blown away when I saw the bright glow, which looked totally different from everything else I have looked at so far. I looked for pictures of the nebula, after making a sketch (a pretty poor one) to compare it and confirm if I had found what I thought. The only picture I could find online were way to detailed but a copy of the original sketch (on wikipedia) looked remarkably like mine!

Another pretty awesome experience with my new scope!

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The whole telescope producing the image upside threw me a bit when looking at the belt which was why I couldn't find it at first.

A bit like independence day when will smith goes to fly the spaceship for the first time.

Such an amazing hobby!


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Well done. Sky is fantastic tonight, been out there 90 mins. Cold but happy. Sketched Orion. Saw M31 through my binoculars. Below that was an impressive bright blue star, think it's in Pegasus.

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