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Hello from North Wales

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Hi - I have just got a 10 inch Dobsonian having recently moved to a relatively dark sky. I have been interested in astronomy for many, many years and have read a lot but up till now have not done any real observing - so pretty much clueless in terms of finding my way around the sky. I have installed an azimuth protractor on my Dob,changed the azimuth bearings and purchased a digital inclinometer so that with RDF and Stellarium when/if the clouds clear I should be in business.

A big thank you to this site which I have perused often already! AstroBaby's Collimation advice in particular has been invaluable; my secondary mirror will be forever in her debt - everybody seems very willing to share their no doubt hard won expertise.

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Hi and welcome to SGL! :smiley:

Yes everybody is willing to share knowledge with each other in our community!

Great scope you have.You'll enjoy many years of pleasure with that i'm sure!

Enjoy the forum! :smiley:

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on getting your scope and lets hope the weather clears for you soon so you can check to make sure the whole setup is running perfectly. Glad you found Mel's (astrobaby) guide useful, it is certainly comprehensive and well laid out and will help you get up and running on the collimation front in no time at all.

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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