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Quadrantid Meteor ????

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I was taking pictures of the Quadrantid meteor shower this morning from my second floor window and I caught these 6 images which I thought it was a satellite but I checked heavens above but I don't think there was any satellite in the part of the sky. So what was this??? Each image is 11sec. and the first image is around 1000 UTC Jan. 3rd and near νb & νa Boo and the last image it ends near HD145931.



Quadrantid Shower 6 by Nick R2006, on Flickr


Quadrantid Shower 7 by Nick R2006, on Flickr


Quadrantid Shower 8 by Nick R2006, on Flickr


Quadrantid Shower 9 by Nick R2006, on Flickr


Quadrantid Shower 10 by Nick R2006, on Flickr


Quadrantid Shower 11 by Nick R2006, on Flickr

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