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2nd Januari, 2013: Widefields from my friends place

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Since the clouds threatened to roll in early this evening I wasn't in the mood to load the whole AP rig in the car but with the opportunity of atleast an hour of clear skies I took my binos and my Nikon and went to Christoffers place. We had a nice few hours in the dark.

Here are the best pictures:

Christoffers house

Jupiter, Pleiades And The Double Cluster

Cygnus On The Milky Way

Christoffers scope

10mm wide angle cloudy southeast

I fooled around with some of his lenses. I need to get a few more myself, but at this point I'm looking at a small frac to serve as guidescope/portable visual scope/widefield AP.

I also really need to stop underestimating the cold however, and actually bring my new winter boots instead of my regular ones.

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Thank you. I agree about the foreground to give context.

The gallery compresses them a bit and makes them a bit grainy, but I am pretty happy with the result even if I didn't bring my scope that evening.

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