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WELL! i got my.........

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......SPC900 Planetary webcam this morning!!! thank you tony it was a pleasure dealing with you :D

Ive loaded up the driver disk that came with the SPC900 but then i thought i dont even need it do i? as i will be running the SPC900 from Sharpcap right...

Looks like i will have lots of experimenting to do with all the MASS of setting lool

It all looks over my head at present but im hoping it will all click into place when i actually get a chance to use it on a clear night, tonight it does not look like that night! lol i can not even see sky at the moment, just tried plugging the SCP900 to have a quick day test but i could not get any image coming through? i removed the IR filter but made no difference, ill just wait till night time to test out and start learning

This is just a pre topic really as im sure i will have lots of questions when i actually get a clear night when ever that will be :(


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NIce, you'll have to keep us posted on how you get on. Ive never tried to image planets, i just whack a DSLR onto my scope every now and then lol.

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NIce, you'll have to keep us posted on how you get on. Ive never tried to image planets, i just whack a DSLR onto my scope every now and then lol.

Thanks Matt

i will keep you all posted :) im not holding my breath for tonight, even if it is cloudy tho i might still setup so i can get familiar with sharpcap/settings etc etc....

yeah Matt thats how i normally been imaging just with my DSLR so should make a nice change learning a new dedicated Planetary imaging method, and give my 7D a break from all that cold and dew :( id cry if it broke lol

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    • By yelsac
      Just experimenting with Jupiter, comparing the two cameras above. Both pics taken through Mak 127 with 2.5x barlow
      1st one is SPC900

      2nd is with QHY5L-IIc

      I didn't really process them much but I'm amazed how much more detail is in the webcam pic although I'm pretty sure I'm using completely the wrong settings for the QHY5. Ah well still learning
      Interesting to see the difference in size with the same setup & both done in 640x480
      thanks for looking
    • By Oily
      Due to to a combination of a change of shift pattern at work&a shoulder opI had last year Im reluctantly putting up my imaging setup for sale.It comprises of the following:
      1. Ioptron ZEQ25GT with custom made CWs and extendable shaft,custom made pier head adapter with materials to make a DIY pier
      2. SW 200PDS with rotating ring and secondary dew heater
      3. Optistar AR80S Dual Speed
      4. Modified Canon 350D with charger and battery
      5. Astronomic CLS CCD 2" filter
      6. SW Coma Corrector
      7. Astronomiser 10m cable(for camera control)
      8. QHY 5-II camera with guide scope adapter
      9. Hotech Laser Collimator
      10. Phillips SPC900(not in original casing)
      11.DIY dew heaters and control unit
      12.Bahtinov masks for both scopes
      Comes in a flight case and a few other bits and pieces that you see in the photos.I've attached a photo of The Witches Broom which i took with this setup,photoshop not being of of my best skills
      £1300 ovno
    • By leelee970
      Well I think this is going to be my last Jupiter for a while.
      I just managed to get three runs done before one of my Silver Burch trees got in the way (chainsaw coming out soon I think).
      Clouds were rolling in all the time, but I was surprised I was even outside due to weather reports.
      Taken with my trusty SPC900 with X3barlow on my 8” Orion Europa.
      Hardly any post processing done – due to fact I’ve not loaded everything fully back on my P.C.

    • By leelee970
      Well, I managed to get out last night after a few problems (rain, laptop crashing, cloud).
      Only did three image runs with the SPC900. This is from the first one.

    • By Rihard
      After a long time I've been able to capture Jupiter in colour and it looks like I caught the GRS!
      There were some odd settings in the "filter" of my Philips SPC900 that were causing the loss of detail and colour.  It's a small picture and lacking of detail, this certainly doesn't make it a jaw-dropping picture but I'm quite happy with it and wanted to share
      Location: Cork, Ireland
      Seeing: Fair
      Skywatcher Explorer 200P / EQ5
      TAL 2X Barlow (need to try the 3X next time!)
      Philips SPC900
      Stacked with Registax 5
      70 % of 3000 frames
      Minor edit with Adobe Lightroom

      Thanks for watching
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