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Almost got the Horsehead

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Having rushed back from visiting the wife in hospital at 9pm I got the kit out for a bit of imaging. Lots of teething probs with the Synguider not wanting to play nice, so decided to track instead of guide.

So I targeted the Horsehead again to see if I could do better than last time. The last time I tried I thought my PT had died coz the mount stopped tracking. Over the hols I bought a 13.8V power supply and put it in the shed so I could power everything from that instead of the dodgy PT.

Anyway, after a few test shots, 120s subs seemed ok, so I started the run....I managed 20 100s subs and then went for a second run. After about 7 subs I lost tracking again so went to investigate.t turns out that I wasn't losing power at all. The problem was that I had passed the limit of travel on the mount and it was jamming at the back. So thats what Meridian flips are for. :embarrassed:

Then it suddenly clouded over before I could change anything so I called it a night. I will have to start earlier tomorrow if its clear again.

It was still nice to get out again.

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Dodging the clouds is fun but its very frustrating as well. Never known it so bad for endless clouds every night deeply disapointing hope we get a clear run before the end of next month.

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