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Astronomy 'bucket list'...


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Number one for me is still a truly dark sky. I've seen one a few years ago and it was stunning but I didn't spend long enough looking.

Relatedly, a meteor shower that's actually impressive.

Go to Mars. Yeah, I know it's a long shot.

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I've seen a few marvelous things in the heavens, but have still yet to see a full solar eclipse and maybe a Great Comet (like ISON might be).

What's on your 'astronomy bucket list'?

If you want to see a total solar eclipse then you might like to consider joining us the Morocco adventure I am planning for the Middle of October to the start of November 2013, it is dated to catch the 2013 Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible from Southern Spain down into Africa and across to the Arabian peninsula. We plan to catch it in Southern Spain on our way home...should be awesome.

As for the rest:

Supernova in the out Galaxy that is close enough to be seen with amateur gear or preferably the naked eye.

Asteroid Impact on The Moon (should shake people up a bit)

Photograph a Pulsar

Build my 20" Nasmyth Telescope

Get to travel in Space (You can but hope)

The discovery of simple Life in the Solar system not on Earth

The discovery of a terrestrial planet(s) that have extensive molecular Oxygen in their Atmospheres (+15%)

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A total solar eclipse. I read an article by a guy who built an observatory as part of his house and installed a 32" scope. Galaxies actually look like galaxies. Some clear nights with that scope would be good.

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