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C/2012 K5 (LINEAR)

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I have been follow and took few images of this comet in this month, it is in easy place to find in Big Dipper, and this morning it was only 8 arcminutes from alfa UMa, Dubhe.

I took this image in freezing -24C temperature with C14, reduced with Celestron 0.63X reducer, ATIK460EX mono, bin2. 2 min single image.

And undersize CGEM in permanent set up in backyar obsy.

Merry Christmas and Clear Skies for 2013 with this Cristmas star


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This is the comet positioned in Stellarium at the time of the above photo. I imagine that the image above is inverted, but I am still trying to orientate myself. Dubhe is there, though!


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Thanks Pat, Tony and Davo :smiley:

I did not observe this visually, because i was imaging other objects too. I watched this visually couple days earlier with my friends 250mm Dobson. Guite faint with small tail, but observing place was not very good, too much light pollution.

Tony, Image is taken 4:16 local, Finnish time, located 61d09m N 28d44m E

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