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What more do I need

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I have an urge to get the best bang for buck out of my gear and as cloudy nights are the norm, solar imaging during the day may help to reduce withdrawl symptoms and use my gear more. I have the stuff in my sig, + a few ND filters for my dslrs. What more do i need.

I can only think of Baader film for the scope.

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Unfortunately Ha solar requires very sophisticated and expensive VERY narrow band filters (<1A).

The easiest entry points to solar Ha obsrving are the Coronado PST, SM40 etc or the smaller Lunt solar scopes.

Be prepared to spend $$$$

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White light (Sunspots and surface granulation) is quite possible with your kit and a sheet of Baader film in a home made holder. You may want (if you don't have one) a 2x Barlow to get the image scale up (on the ED80) so the Sun more or less fills the frame of the DSLR camera. Have a look at this: ( blatent self-promotion :p ) http://stargazerslou...-solar-imaging/ for how to get going with the technique.

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I love a bit of blatant self promotion when it is useful Roger. Good tutorial and will be very useful when I give this a go.

Simple question....why should the Baader film NOT be tight and smooth.

@ Merlin66.....I see what you mean. I think I'll go the white light route for now.

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If you "tighten" the Baader film you will inevitably stretch it (or a decrease in temperature will cause it to shrink and thus stretch if held tightly in its holder). The film is not elastic (ie it will not return to its original shape after deformation) and nor is the metallic coating, which will almost certainly split with the slightest stretch of the plastic substrate. There is no image degredation with a loose or floppy film according to Baader - and I certainly can't see any problems when using it myself.

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