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what dslr do you use

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1000d, bought for £75 with a broken flash release, very pleased with it

I imagine the majority of people imaging using DSLRs will be using Canon cameras because the software to control them is very good. I use a 450D. James

Yes they will (I don't have a 58mm filter but I do have a 58mm step-down ring).

Got myself a new Canon 1100D today, its a kind of early Christmas present to myself, but more of a pick me up after getting out of Hospital. Cant wait to get to grips with it.

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Just bought a Pentax K5 ii to go with my faithful Pentax K10 (127,000 shots and counting!). Considering I have invested in lots of Pentax k-mount lenses and accessories over the years, there's no way I was going to junk the whole lot and start from stratch again. However, if I was starting over, I think Canon would be the way to go - quite a few members of the local Society I'm in say good things about them. If I'm in a retro mood I'll use my Hasselblad 503CW and a roll of 120 Kodak Elitle Chrome 200iso slide film that I've got - though this only seems to come out for special occations like the Equinox Sky Camp etc.



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I have a Canon 450D which is great and these days is really good value secondhand.

I also have a Canon 20D which has a scratch on the sensor guard that I need to be brave enough to attempt to mod to fix it.

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Nikon D90 with some excellent results, however I shall be getting a modded Canon D1000 just for astro.

Theres no way I would risk my beloved D90 to be moddified or ruined for everday use, its just too good.

Be carefull what canon you order tho as I got a 350d off fleabay which thankfully turned out to be kapooped so I am getting a full refund, but I never knew at the time about the 350d only having drivers up to windows xp. I have win7 and had to install a virtual machine to get Backyardeos to work with it.

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Strangely, I have three DSLRs for imaging at the moment:

- one 450D, an old self-modded camera, which I've used for a few years and previously was used as a regular camera

- one 1100D, unmodded (lost the thread of a screw while trying to mod it and can't get it open! Might try again at some point...)

- one 1100D modded (had another crack after failing with the other one).

The idea of getting one 1100D was to add a second camera for a bit more flexibility and also to line it up for when the 450 finally gives up. The price seemed too good to miss, about £250 with the £30 winter cashback offer. I imaged the moon in our dob with one camera while the other camera was on our EQ mount, and I want to try two cameras on the same EQ mount at some point (but dare I when I consider how many things go wrong with my setups?!)

What I like most about the 1100D compared to the 450D is:

- longer battery life (seems to be roughly an hour more?)

- 6400 ISO vs 1600, which helps me a lot when using a Bahtinov mask, especially when using narrowband filters.

I was gutted when the first mod went pear-shaped on the 1100D, threatening to buy a CCD, but I think I'd forgotten that modding, while it can help a lot, isn't essential. So I got the unmodded camera out the other night on some galaxies. I hope the 1100D's will see me through a good few years.

I am regularly tempted to get a CCD, but I really like DSLRs for some reason, and I want to feel like I have got the most I can out of them first if I do move to CCD at some point.

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Canon 500d here for everyday use but as soon as it upgraded (hopefully 5d mk2) next year i'll have a crack at modding the 500d.

I like Nikon too but read somewhere that the auto noise reduction can not be switched off and this leads to faint stars being deleted? and also Canon are ahead in the lower noise department?

Is this true?

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