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Where to get an orrery

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I have a stand where I house most of my astro stuff and a small orrery would look fantastic on top of it. But the problem is I cant seem to find a decent one. Ive seen some on Amazon but most are plastic or paint it yourself deals and thats not something I enjoy. I stumbled across a brass one that was really pricey and not legitimate. So anyone have any ideas?

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Yes, I've seen some very nice ones made entirely of wood. I'm not sure I have the necessary woodworking skills to attempt to build one though. I'd have to practise a fair bit first I think, especially for making the gears.


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I have been looking into this and there is another nice kit out of Australia too. http://www.planetaria.com.au/

I'll see what Christmas brings first before I'll order one from there.

I have also found a site where you can buy plans from the states for a couple of wooden orreries, however the guy also makes clocks and all I can say is wow! :eek:

Needless to say I now want a scroll saw, sander and drill press. These things will be useful anyway for when I finish my mirror and start on the dob case, at least that's what I'm telling my lovely wife.


Anyone know a good WW forum?

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Have you tried fleabay. None as exquisite as those above. However their are some arounf the £250-350 mark as well as some plans and even a complete build your own magazine one.

Some nice ones on there, I didn't think of looking there.

I like the USS Enterprise one but I doubt it's to scale. :D

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You can get a good idea from there videos of the size, they're not huge but not tiny.

The only thing is I'm unsure if it would arrive before Christmas plus you'd have tax but it's not overly expensive to begin with.

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