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Stellarium is out on iOS. It's definitely available for iPhone - but not sure if there is an ipad optimised version. To be honest, the mobile version is no where near as good as the desktop version (at least the last time I looked).

I use StarMap Pro on the iPhone which is highly recommended (http://www.star-map.fr). Also, Starwalk and Distant Suns Unleashed on the iPad. Both are good - but StarMap Pro is the my favourite for proper portable use for DSO's. Starwalk is a nicely presented app for lounging on the sofa with. All of them allow you to point them to the sky and they will show you what you are looking at.

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I use SkySafari pro and star walk. I also have a Jupiter based app called Jupiter Guide which allows you to see any transits of the 4 main moons and the GRS good for planning future observing sessions.

I will have a look at that star map pro app though!


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