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In memory of SPM

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Great idea. But just for a short time how about everyone changing their Avatars to an image of SPM??

Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but as the suggestions thread is not public I thought I'd try here first? I was wondering if we, as a forum, had any plans to mark the passing of S

Good idea, which I have perverted somewhat since I've gone for an image of his cat and his typewriter since for me that sort of sums him up as much as anything else...

You clearly have no idea how much Patrick abhorred "Star Naming" companies for taking money from bereaved families for a [inordinately faint] star that would have no official recognition. There has long been a Moore crater on the moon in his honour and asteroid too, if you check. Some of the other ideas are invalid at an official International Astronomical Union [iAU] level - need to get up to speed or keep it 'local' to SGL :cool: .

Thank you for reminding me of the crater & as somone alredy pointed out earlier, an asteroid! As for me need to 'get up to speed' i was aware of Patricks dislike of names for sale, that wasnt what i was refering to, but thanks. As for the IAU, well, am sure it might give them something to think about :)

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Sorry guys, there is no way that I'm going to agree the rename "The Lounge" after SPM. It is after all the place where we all talk everything NON ASTRO, and generally talk drivel.

So I thought maybe we could rename the lounge in his honour? Either the "Astro Lounge" here, or "The Lounge" in Non-Astro? That would be a nice way to remember him.

Good evening Ant

In my original post (above) I did suggest the "Astro Lounge" as one of two possible options?

I agree with you though, the non-astro lounge would hardly be suitable for the reasons you mention. However, I'm sure that the other option was not lost on you and that you would have suggested it yourself if you had liked the idea or were open to the possibility?

That being the case I will consider this question closed and, as the OP, I would be grateful if you would close this thread. If I stepped out of line then I apologise.

Clear skies


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Rob, no one ever steps on toes here. We welcome all suggestions and where possible do them.

i didn't notice that you'd said either "the lounge" or "astro lounge"(apologies for missing that) but I'm still not sure that would be a good decision for SGL, SPM didn't really get too involved in Forums. There was the occasional post on here and on PAIG from one of his careers.

We don't want to come across as trying to take advantage of his unfortunate passing, or worse still trying to capitalise on it. But rest assured we do have some ideas on something that we can do, but the members of Admin have been few on the ground lately.

I've just got back today from nearly a month away on business, Daz is involved in a large work project, Grant is busy with stuff as well, Steve is running FLO, it's lucky that we have Jamie who is still around and keeping an eye on things :) but as much as he gets a better conversation when he talks to himself it doesn't help with deciding things :D

The fact that some many people want to do something to honour SPM is a testament to just how well regarded he was. I don't think renaming a board is the right thing to do, but we will do something.



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A Bronze Statue is a must surely. Maybe in his home town, or Greenwich.

A bronze statue certainly ! There was a documentary about what would happen to mankind's artifacts if everyone suddenly died out and bronze was thought to be the metal that kept it's form the longest, perhaps as much as a million years. Selsey or Greenwich are good suggestions for it's location.

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Great idea.

But just for a short time how about everyone changing their Avatars to an image of SPM??

Had a photo taken of me with Patrick in his study when I meet him last year been using it as my Avatar ever since don't think I'll ever change it and I'll never forget that night

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