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RIP Sir Patrick


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RIP Patrick.

You inspired me when I was younger and countless others to look up, your enthusiasm and passion for astronomy has been boundless. I have tried to pass on your enthusiasm for the subject to my kids and many others when I've done outreach at their school, I hope you realised how many people you have inspired over the years..... thank you Sir. :icon_salut:

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I will always be grateful to Sir Patrick, who is one of the two (the other being Sir Fred Hoyle) who inspired my passion for astronomy. I have two abiding memories of the last time I met him (22 years ago, when I was making a BBC Radio documentary on light pollution, to which he gave freely of his time): his great warmth and generosity of spirit ..... and the pain in my foot as he stood on it as we were backing out of his octagonal observatory! :-)

The next time I look at a starry sky, I will pause and remember this great man.

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I remember the first time I met Patrick Moore. I had gone to a lecture by Thomas Bopp (post the Hale Bopp comet) and in to the lecture theatre walks Patrick and he starts selling raffle tickets like it was main mission in life. Later that same evening I was having a chat with him (month before starting my physics and astrophysics undergrad) and after about 5 minutes he gives me his telephone number and invites me round. Quite the first impression he made. Sky at Night will never be the same. You will be missed. RIP

Eternal Clear skies,

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