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RIP Sir Patrick

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Dear all I wanted to drop in and say thank you on behalf of the Sky at Night team for all these tributes to our friend Patrick. I know he would have enjoyed reading them himself (while denying, of cou

we all looked up and smiled in awe some just listened, with fallen jaw For fifty years he conveyed his way that is until this final day. we've all strode out minds truly fired knowing well we've been

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night The Old Astronomer To His Pupil Sarah Williams

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Rest in peace Sir Patrick.

Sad news indeed, but what a life he led and what a contribution to science and astronomy in particular. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and I for one would like to say a very big "Thank you".

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Yes a very sad day for sure and he will always remain a legend in my books with regards to his contribution to astronomy to both professionals and amateurs alike. I met him briefly when he came to Bristol to give a presentation and found him to be a man of great humility and patience as he found the time to chat with everyone who queued up for an autograph or for him to sign his new book. I think it was clear to most of us that he has been very ill for sometime and sadly the inevitable has arrived - will be deeply missed.


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I had the privilege of being lectured by him at Queen Mary College, London in the late 70's and also met him during that time.

I also saw him hold a audience of non-astromers spellbound at the same college when giving a talk on astronomy.

A true amateur who suceeded in the world of professionals. Words cannot express the effect he has had for amateur and professional astronomers.

His loss will felt by many but especially by me.

"No more Mr Night Sky"

RIP Sir Patrick.


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A very sad day to be sure, but lets take solace and inspiration from the legacy he has left behind, lets continue to inspire others to take up astronomy just as he did for so many, Sir Patrick gone but never to be forgotten.

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It is probably fair to say that if it wasn't for Patrick Moore and the Sky and Night astronomy wouldn't be the hobby it is today and this site and others like it would just not exist. His contribution to the science and the popularisation of the hobby has been gigantic and he will be sadly missed.

Rest in peace among the stars you loved Patrick.

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RIP Sir Patrick Moore... He is and always will be an inspiration to all old and new comers to Astronomy. Will the Sky at Night ever be the same without him?...I dont think so, A true icon..... Love the guy.... I salute you Sir Patrick :icon_salut:

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