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Usual suspects through the chilly mist 8 Dec 2012

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Just beause there are no clouds doesn't mean there isn't something blocking view. A thin layer of chilly mist was hovering over the whole neighborhood and out over the fields towards the airport. I put on my warm kit (-13c) and took my 5 minute walk to the other side of the railroad track.

A wide patch of heaven opened up above me, and I made a quick tour over my usual suspects through the misty haze. The eastern sky was somewhat better than the other directions, mainly due to difference in mist and LP, but I quickly counted off Jupiter with 3 moons (Europa was probably to close to the glare of Jupiter). M45 didn't offer any surprise but was clearly visible and even without glasses I could hint their location. I took a minute to admire the red glare of Betelgeuse and Orions Belt. M42 was strangely enough visible through the mist even if it was pretty low.

I barely managed to split Albireo, and to top it all off I caught the fuzz of M31.

I am please with the result even if the mist was horrible and seeing was as at an all time low for me. I instinctively start to find my way around the familiar objects, which is reassuring. I had my StarMap Pro for iPhone up once, but only to realise M15 would be too low into the mist to stand even a small chance.

I realise that I'm a bit dumbstruck when I stand out there, I cant think of any new objects bright enough to be worth it so I just keep repeating my old list. I need to delve deeper into "Turn Left At Orion" and hope for a clearer night, I hope to be able to have a go at the fainter stuff soon, if conditions permit. It's time to see something new soon :)

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Thank you.

Forgot to add that this was a pure bino-session with my new cheap 10x50. Can't wait to see what these bad boys can do in good conditions.

There's one old favourite that always gets a little of my time these days and that's old Jupiter! But yes I have some sessions that seem to travel the well worn path. However I've had some time in November to study the maps and beginning to learn new constellations and challenges. Tonight I went for M57 Ring nebula with the new UHC filter. Then try as I might I'm still struggling to locate M56 cluster. How hard can it be?!!!

I've been thinking about getting some bins too. Using my sons little 7x22 Cub Scout spotters can be useful but not really the right spec! The 10x50 you've got sounds ideal as I need them to help me navigate asterisms in search of those difficult Messiers.

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