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Guide with webcamera


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Maybe stupid question but here it is.

If i use a usb webcam and PHD guide prog, do i need to connect some other cable to autoguide port on my synscan or does it guide through my usb to rs-232 connection i already have with the mount ?

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Normally you'd need a connection through to the ST4 port on the mount using um, an ST4 cable. Are you using EQMod by any chance? Is that what your RS232 connection to the mount is? If so, then you could route the guiding commands from PHD or whatever through to the mount via EQMod.

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hi i forgot to add this link

the basics are:

webcam pluged in to pc running phd .

gpusb pluged into mount st4 port and the other end to the pc usb

any movement seen via your webcam and phd is then corrected via a signal from the pc to the gpusb unit which then moves the mount .

regards Andy


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If your running your mount from your computer using eqmod then I think all you need is to connect the webcam to the computer, run phd and let eqmod pulse guide the mount.

You dont have to have anything connected to the st4.

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