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Evening at the Astronomy Club: Modding my NEQ-6

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Hello SGL

Today we had a gear-fix meeting at UAA in Uppsala.

As many of you know, the "bent-bolt" problem with the NEQ-6, that happens more frequently the further north you are, since you have to crank the altiude bolt further, is something that has happened to many astronomers. I figured that I might as well get one of Gunnars mod kits.

Opening the mount was easier than I expectd, the side plates came loose pretty quickly. After that it was a simple task to separate the mount head in two pieces. Since I have no skills at fabrication, I had the privilegie to watch Gunnar go to work on my mount. He did some precise measurements and drilled two holes that he threaded. After that it was just to bolt the mod to the mount. So now I am a proud owner of a modded NEQ-6, with help from the master himself.

Meanwhile we had some members who had set up a 8" SCT and a small newton outside to have a look at Jupiter, M45, M31 and some double stars through the LP in central Uppsala (they got 45 minutes before the clouds rolled in again), some other memebers were working on minor projects or helping eachother to stack pictures.

After that it was time for a second round of coffee and jaffa-cakes before it was time to hit the old dusty trail home again.

A very nice evening and my biggest thanks to Gunnar for helping me out with this.







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Is this what usually goes on at astronomy clubs or is yours particulary hands-on? I don't know why but I always imagined them to be less practical and more like lectures.

You're lucky to have Gunnar there anyway!

Nice post.

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Yep, the club was a lucky find for me. I doubt I'd have gotten my NEQ-6 and started AP the way i did if it werent for the guys.

We have lectures sometimes aswell. Last time it was a scientist from Uppsala University who told us about the GAIA satellite project to map a billion stars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_(spacecraft)

Unfortunately we don't meet so often, but the club house is a resource to have in the center of Uppsala, and when we meet we take the opportunity to help eachother out. And when the weather is fine during weekends there are activites at our permantent observatory spot. http://uaa.saaf.se/observatoriet.php

And since the club takes care of the 1894 Steinheil Double Refractor in Uppsala Old Observatory , the cooperation between the city, the club and the university is good for all parts. The club also got a used 14" RC from the University, that has been installed in the clubs permanent obsevatory site. The guys also take part in science projects like measuring exo-planet transits with it. :)

Lets just say I am very very proud to be a member of a talented and friendly club like this.

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