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58 frame mosaic from a 198 frame batch( 01/12/12)

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Thats fantastic .... I would love to stand on the moon with a good imaging setup and look back at our planet :) Try and get a pic of my house ;)

With my setup my house would have to be around 0.5km wide to show up. :eek:


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This is the first processed batch from a long night at the scope. Lats night I attempted a high res moon mosaic in two parts, the west side of the moon first then a pier flip and then the east side( t

With my setup my house would have to be around 0.5km wide to show up. Mike.

amazing. just amazing

You need to make sure "auto brighten" is checked( view/auto brighten).

when you add a frame make sure it is slightly miss alined, then right click on a contrasting area like a creator and the frames should snap into aliment and the brightness of each adjusted to match.

I personally don't use auto brighten as I don't change the settings of the cam when the images are acquired and the brightness should match anyway.

Another way to adjust the brightness of one frame to another is too click on a frame to activate it, then while holding shift left click the mouse on the frame and draw the mouse down to darken the frame or up to lighten the frame.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Mike :smiley: , i'll give that a go, the camera settings were different as the images were taken over a couple of nights due to cloud, I just need one night of cloud free imaging ( dont we all!!!) so I can get avi's of the whole moon, then as u say I wont have to change settings.
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