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IC1848: All souled out - In three flavours

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Finally, Ive managed to cobble together enough SII and some additional Ha to put together a passable HST version of the Soul nebula. I would have added more, but last nights forecast turned out to be a bit of a fib (clouded over at 11pm) but three hours was enough. Ive also re-shot some data for the other SII panels as they had a bit of cloud damage.

It could do with some RGB stars, but with M45 moving into prime position and M42 now becoming available (from my location), its time to move on. I'd like to return to it next year, by then I should have more firepower to throw at it (in the form of another 314).

IC1848: Soul Nebula

Ha version: 30x450 Ha (x3 panels)

HOO version: 30x450 Ha_L, 14x450 Ha_R, 14x450 OIII_G+B (x3 panels)

HST version: 30x450 Ha_L, 14x450 SII, Ha, OIII (x3 panels)

ED80 (0.85x), Atik 314L+, NEQ6

Setpoint: -15

Calib: Flats and Bias

Thanks for looking :)


First the Ha:


Next the Ha/OIII/OIII:


Finally, the HST version:





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Thanks guys, I thought I might have overdone the OIII channel on the HST version - but it seems to be displaying ok on the phone as well as the monitor, the only other place i have yet to test it is my wifes laptop :)

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