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Our second AstroPub meetup


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Not sure if the lounge is really the right place for this sort of thing (Mods - would it be better to get a section in the Social Groups area??), but just wanted to say that any of you who live within striking distance of Reading would be more than welcome to join us this Monday (3rd December) at the Bottle and Glass pub for a bit of informal observing in the beer garden (weather permitting !!). If its cloudy then we'll be in the bar chatting about astronomy etc.

Full details are here.

This will be the second time we've met - the first was really good fun and it was great to meet some fellow stargazers, so hopefully we'll have a good turnout on Monday.

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Good meeting you guys last night and to get some clear skys as well.

Some nice views of clusters and galaxies through peoples dobs as well as Jupiter's moons and GRS with Steve's SCT :)


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Great to meet you too Steve.

All in all it was a good night - we got a couple of hours of clear viewing in and it was good to see the pub beer garden full of telescopes. Although I have to say that a pint of ale really doesn't taste good when its been out in the cold for so long. Maybe need someone to bring dew heater tapes to wrap round the glasses :)

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Aye, thanks to Mike and Steve for organising.

There was a 12"dob, an 8", and at least two 6"s that I recall, an 8" lx90, a mal127 and some tripod mounted binos, all round the back of a country pub.

The sky was unexpectedly clear so we spent a very pleasant 2hours comparing views until the moon rose and my pass.expired.

I shall have to pull my finger out now and organise one myself.


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Sorry I couldn't make it last night - the dreaded lurgy you know :huh: :huh: !!

Sounds like I missed a really good night. Let's hope that the forecast spell of clear weather sticks around until the next meeting...................

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