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Hi all out there, I am looking for an app to use on my ipad that will identify what I am looking at in the sky. I know there are a few as I have used one that you just aim the ipad camera at the sky and it shows the stars etc that you are looking at. Sadly I did not get the name of it. There are a few out there but which is the BEST? I use stellarium on my desk top imac and it great for planning a session but they do not do it for the ipad. I am looking for an app that does not clutter the screen with usless information and graffics. You know what I mean . Keep it simple and then I can locate the clusters etc I am looking for. Refuse to buy a goto scope as finding objects the hard way is much more for filling.

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I think the difference is their size and content. I don't have exact numbers to hand but the pro version is a huge app at 600mb, The skysafari 3 is 67mb and the 3 plus is 218mb. So you can imagine the pro version has a lot more stars, galaxies etc. Also the pro version contains more user tools such as letting you configure lists for viewing etc. I will shut up now as somebody will be along to offer a better answer to your ?'s than me.


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I use star walk, It doesn't use the camera but when you hold it up it orientates itself to the sky or you can search for an object and arrows direct you to the object, no graphics no clutter just the sky. Also has telrad circles if you need them.

also provides loads of info on each object if you want it, I love it, it's my main guide to the sky.

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IMHO, both Sky Safari & StarWalk are worth having - they have different strengths.

I do use Sky Safari+ for 'scope control, too.

Exactly the same as me. There is another one that I like called Sky Survey


I found it interesting to read his story and found the price for what I got very good value. The actual survey is astonishing.

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